AGIS leverages the expertise of strategic partners to enhance the benefits we provide to your organisation. While liaising with AGIS you will get the best-of-breed in all areas of services, undoubtedly reducing any unnecessary administrative overheads.

AGIS Odysseus-imc


A leader among strategy consulting firms. Based in Melbourne, Odysseus-imc has helped organisations across Australia improve their asset management systems and capabilities for the best outcomes – both internally and for their clients, consumers and communities.

AGIS Assetic


For more than a decade Assetic has focused on delivering advanced prediction modelling and optimisation outcomes to asset custodians to facilitate superior decision making. By applying advanced analytics to dynamic life-cycle and maintenance data, Assetic enables visualisation of strategy and service level scenarios to manage and maintain assets, improve service levels and reduce capital and maintenance spending.

Boongalla Group

A wholly-owned Australian company established in 2003, Boongalla Group provides specialist services for building, maintenance, restoration and HVAC hygiene for a range of industries including healthcare, local government, education and utilities.

Boongalla assists AGIS in providing end-to-end asset management services, from high level planning to remedying maintenance issues, reducing the workload for all clients.

Whereabouts Consulting

A company owned and managed by Gabriel Van Wyk, Whereabouts Consulting employs senior professionals capable of offering advanced services to clients with a special focus on spatial solutions. In addition, they have set up strategic partnerships and joint ventures with other companies to provide a wide range of leading edge services.