AGIS offer a unique complete end-to-end service that saves you time, improves efficiency and is Government compliant

AGIS Compliance

Assistance to achieve financial and strategic asset management standards across all asset classes to government requirements.

AGIS Asset Capture

Development and implementation of meaningful asset hierarchies and data dictionaries for asset classes to ensure efficient and compliant financial, GIS and  strategic asset management systems.

AGIS Strategic Asset Analysis

Conversion of  current asset data into useful information prior to considering additional asset data capture, ensuring meaningful strategic asset analysis is included in your asset register.

AGIC Predictive Modelling & Planning

Utilisation of the most efficient and effective planning software to help you prepare maintenance, capital works and long term financial plans across all asset classes.

AGIS Maintaining Asset Information

Provision of managed services for GIS and strategic asset management systems to ensure your asset information and planning processes are correctly maintained to satisfy auditor requirements in accordance with Australian and international standards.

AGIS Asset Valuations

Provision of asset valuations for local, state government and utility organisations in line with auditor requirements and mandatory standards resulting in considerable savings to your organisation.

How we can help you!


AGIS will assist your organisation to achieve Financial (AAS 10) and Strategic Asset Management (ISO-55000) standards across all asset classes in line with all state government auditor requirements. AGIS also ensures that your organisation meets international Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.

When your organisation is mandated to maintain records of all assets in its custodianship, your asset management practices and systems should comply with international standards and proven industry practices. The guidelines for compliant asset management are in the international standard ISO-55000. The organisation’s GIS will have better reach and extensibility when it is compliant to the requirements of the Open Geospatial Consortium standards.

Asset Capture

AGIS works with you to develop and implement meaningful asset hierarchies and data dictionaries for each asset class to ensure a thorough knowledge of your assets prior to input into compliant GIS, financial and strategic asset management systems. We utilise the latest proven technologies to efficiently capture accurate asset information which can be used for engineering and valuation purposes.

AGIS provide asset data capture and condition assessment services in the following asset categories:

  • Water infrastructure and facilities.
  • Sewer infrastructure and facilities, including CCTV inspections.
  • Drainage infrastructure, including CCTV inspections.
  • Open space areas and amenities, including sporting and recreational facilities.
  • Aviation facilities.
  • Waste management facilities.
  • Roads and kerbs.
  • Bridges and culverts.
  • Laneways and car parks.
  • Footpaths and walking tracks.
  • Buildings of various functions.

AGIS verifies and collects all data with leading edge differential GPS technology.

The methodology we adopt stems from the over-arching concept of compliance with mandated asset management principles. In workshops with key stakeholders AGIS proposes and then works with the organisation to build the hierarchy and mandatory attributes of the asset. The output of the workshops will also include the algorithms for asset condition score system. Useful information is extracted from the raw data to enable fact-based decision making.

Strategic Asset Analysis

AGIS works with your organisation’s existing asset information data by converting it to useful information prior to considering additional asset data capture. We ensure that the mandatory asset attributes for meaningful strategic asset analysis are included in your asset registers.

The raw data we are provided with from the organisation, augmented with the latest asset information we gather in the field, AGIS provides the following:

  • Condition: on a scale agreed with the organisation, or the common 1-to-5, we provide an informative view of the up-to-date surface and functional state of the asset, complete with photos or CCTV footage, where applicable.
  • Criticality: AGIS implements an industry best practice format for calculating the criticality of an asset to the function of the organisation. Empowered with a GIS platform, the algorithm detects on the map what might not be easily detectable from pure textual information.
  • Risk: Our methods allow your organisation to measure the effort and investment needed to mitigate risks to various asset categories. The methods are based on contributing factors of risk source, probability and consequence of occurrence. AGIS’s experience indicates viewing the information on the map gives an immediate impression of the locality of where investment will be required.
  • Functionality: Assets are there to perform a function. While this sounds like stating the obvious, an organisation needs to be aware of whether an asset is in fact delivering the function it is designed and acquired for. This directly feeds into the requirements of ISO-55000 and the first elements of proper asset management that is exposed to and aims at serving the community.
  • Capacity: Assets are designed to cater for a particular current and expected future demand. The organisation needs to have its finger on the pulse of whether the service level it is mandated to deliver to the community is founded upon accurate projection of the capacity of the asset to deliver the service.

Predictive Modelling and Planning

AGIS takes the pain out of the preparation of maintenance, capital works and long term financial plans using its experience across all asset classes coupled with the most efficient and effective planning software. We will train your staff in using the appropriate tools and software to manage these plans.

Data in its pure form seldom provides insight regarding the future performance of the assets it represents. The highest value an organisation attains from data is when the information from the raw data is fed into algorithms and software that generates future preventative maintenance plans. Out of the predictive plans comes the expected operational and capital investment to maintain the required service level.

Maintaining Asset Information

AGIS provides managed services for GIS and strategic asset management systems to ensure that your asset information and planning processes are correctly maintained to meet Auditor requirements in line with Australian and International Standards.

We specialise in providing these services to councils, state organisations, water boards and utilities.

Maintaining correctness and completeness of the organisation’s data is an ongoing undertaking. AGIS will assist you achieving that objective in two ways. We can maintain your GIS infrastructure whether the infrastructure is at your offices, our servers or hosted on the Cloud – whichever best complies with your IT policies.

We will also provide you with onsite or offsite human resources to maintain data quality, supporting you in making well informed decisions.

Asset Valuations

AGIS provides asset valuations for most Local, State Government and Utility organisation’s asset classes in line with Auditor guidelines and mandatory standards. Asset valuation inspections are usually carried out to include sufficient detail for ongoing Strategic Asset Management purposes resulting in considerable savings to your organisations.

We provide you with years of expertise in preparation of fair- and market-value reports meeting legislative requirements. Our business associates are senior independent valuation advisors who share our commitment to exceeding your requirements. Our confidence in our ability to provide you with the best services stems not solely from the experience of our valuers but from the underlying accredited methodologies adopted.


Data Collection

AGIS’s team of specialised staff are trained in the collection of asset data and asset assessment in order to populate the data model agreed upon with your stakeholders.

AGIS utilises a suite of open source, commercial and in-house built software tools. These tools are configured to a particular project to ensure data is validated upon capture in the field. This largely removes the need for time consuming office work after the data capture stage, minimising costs for the client, and ensuring high quality data.

AGIS Buildings assessed shown in context

Business Analysis

Not unlike any other human endeavour, knowing the starting point is half the way towards achieving the goal. An organisation’s equivalent of that is assessing the status quo of its federated systems. With decades of experience in strategic asset management and geospatial information management AGIS helps you attain concise analysis of the health of your organisation’s assets and federated processes.

You will have a consistent view of the status of your systems. That translates to immediate availability of information to meet legislative requirements and well-founded decision making.

AGIS forecasted GIS growth

GIS and Strategic Asset Management

Big or small, internally or to meet legislative requirements, any organisation must have a clear view of its asset’s current status and a vision of future demands.

Our observation has been that the former is commonly addressed by our competitors in a piecemeal manner and not in conjunction with geospatial analytics.

This is precisely where AGIS stands out from the crowd. Assets, valuation and their strategic management are a coherent organic entity aimed at delivering mandated service levels. Not a collection of systems glued together.

Our view is supported not only by decades of collective team experience, but equally strongly by international and industry endorsed standards, not the least of which is ISO-55000.

Other Services

AGIS provides services in the fields of GIS, strategic asset management, asset valuation and criticality analysis. With our managed GIS services your organisation achieves two objectives: your staff are freed to address other tasks, and your data is complete, valid and up-to-date.

AGIS business analysis